Friday, September 29, 2006


Next week is 'Thanksgiving' here in Korea. Actually, it's Chuseok. So that means a lil holiday for me and lots of rice cakes for everyone. Yay. Dunno what I'll do with the time off but Steph and I are working on a plan. It might involve catching a train to the coast, or it could just be shoe-shopping in Seoul. Hmm.

Last night I met up with Steph, and as we were walking to a new! cute! bar! I saw a men's jewellery store that I thought was one Ethan has recommended. So I thought I'd best check it out as I'm currently in the market for some men's jewellery. As I stepped in to the store, though, a guy came out from behind the counter and said 'This store is for men only, so you must leave'. I was taken aback: 'I'm looking for a gift for a male, can I not have a look?'. The reply 'No, it's the store concept, you must leave, you can come back with a male.' Steph and I stepped out of the store and I stood on the step and asked 'Can you recommend another jewellery store?'. The answer: 'No'.

We needed a drink. Badly. After this.
The basement bar she took me to had nice low chairs, some terrible art, good tunes and a LIBRARY with maybe $10000 worth of THE BEST ART BOOKS ever, for customer's perusing pleasure. And the bestest magazine rack. I'm soooo going to while away my hours there.

T-shit of the day was on a student. Bright pink with a hood, puffy sleeves, teddy bear print and in big gold lettering ::

O'lord you


jethan said...

the "lord" tees are big this season. i had a girl in my class today with one on today. i forgot what it said. then last week one of my students had a "jesus" shirt. we must get some to be hip.

Bonnie Conquest said...

lordy, lordy.
dear ethan, you get one first, then i'll think about it...

Nina said...

Love that t-shirt! If you find one like it, can you buy it for me?

Bonnie Conquest said...

Nina! I COULD buy one like that for you... Or I could buy you a good one. They are feckin everywhere! Check out my t-shit album.
Love you baby girl.

Evol Kween said...

Woah! The men only jewellery store sounds pretty WTF?