Friday, September 15, 2006

Tea for Two

Ohhh yeah. There's some tea and rice snacks... for Charlie and I... Served variously on polystyrene and my journal... On the corner of my bed. I think it's clear from this picture that life can indeed be very sweet.

In other news, yesterday I saw a t-shit - black and red striped with big white messy letters - which said 'Free The West Memphis 3'. Intriguing.When I had a look-see on the intermenet, I learned that Eddie Vedder also sports this t-shit sometimes. The three are three guys who were convicted of killing three 8-year olds. There is a campaign to free them as it's reckoned there was a miscarriage of justice and the three are innocent. Hmmm.


The Girl said...

Hey - There is a documentary about this movie,which I watched only last week - called Paradise Lost.It was very strange. I'd recommend it.

as an aside, i dig your blog.

The Girl said...

I should say - the movie is about the West Memphis 3. Yeah,now I am making sense.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Thanks, girl. Yeah, there is a stack of stuff out there about them: songs; movies; books; autobiographies; poetry; a blog; t-shits in korea; you name it.

How did I not know already?

Pia said...

For some reason I really like that picture. The colors are perfect!

And those little pastel treats are divine--I could live on those for a week.

If you like tea: My yoga instructor told me E-Mart sells Earl Grey. Don't tell anyone else--I plan on stocking up.

jethan said...

its so mary poppins of you. as for the tee, i'm wondering if the person has any idea what it means. i read the book and saw the documentary. pretty interesting stuff. there was even a rock benefit a few years back. supposedely they were making a feature film but not sure what happened to it.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Ethan! Can't believe you mentioned 'her' name... Mary Poppins is Practically Perfect in Every Way... I keep thinking of her lately!

And Pia.. Thanks! I particularly like the bunched up blankets on the floor... Their colours referred on the bed. Yeah.