Saturday, September 16, 2006

69: Two Girls and Dead Fish

There's a few tiny restaurants in my street which I never stop at or consider eating at. One has a tank out the front full of seafood to choose for dinner. It changes, and today I noticed it had some prawns swimming around and some small silver dead fish floating. Yuk.
Then I remembered that JD Whatever told me the place was called 69: Two Girls and was disgusted all over again. A crappy fish restaurant with 5 tables with a dirty name. Yuk.

Been reading and thinking and learning some stuff. Just random.

I have a Bladerunner soudtrack CD, with 'Vangelis' written on it. I like the CD, it was cheap, and it is funny and atmospheric. But I never knew what 'Vangelis' was. Well, 'it' is an old Greek guy, who scored Bladerunner and Chariots of Fire and... erm... Mythodea, a piece that was used by NASA as the theme for the Mars Odyssey mission. How do you get a gig like that?

Any Mussolini fans out there? What about fans of the nutty Italian fascist-era architecture? I wanna go to EUR, aka The Esposizione Universale Roma. It's just 15 minutes on the subway from the Colosseum, and is a 420-acre complex, built in 1935 as a symbol of the success of fascism the world. It was never fully realised, owing to the interruption of that was World War II, and then the eventually the collapse of Mussolini's regime in 1943. It's an example of the utopia the fascists wished to contruct... with large, symmetrical streets and austere buildings, inspired by ancient Roman architecture, or Rationalism, and built in limestone, tuff and marble.

Lyric of the morning::
"God does not need Abraham, God can raise children from stones."
Thanks, John Darnielle. Again.


Anonymous said...

i always associated vangelis with the funny voice misha would use to say his name. i don't think i should have seen that picture of him.

Bonnie Conquest said...

ha ha ha i should have posted a warning about the picture... i found it quite disturbing! sorry.
before i looked him up i had nor considered for a second that 'vangelis' could be a person. funny.

MikeFitz said...

For 15 years, one my all time favourite CDs has been Vangelis: The City.

It tells the story of a day in the life of a big city. It starts with pre-dawn footsteps echoing through an empty Paris Metro station, the voice of Roman Polanski asking for morning papers, continues through the day and night and finishes with the same footsteps.

I've got shivers down my spine now just thinking about track 3, "Nerve Centre" which combines thunder and a choir of angelic human voices used as an instrument.

kitkatpixpox said...

its been a while since i got on and read you bc....
and again i am addicted.
its nice to hear of an adopted home told through eyes that see not just look and a big frikken heart that i miss to bits....

i found a shop that sells ddok last week .. its not quite the same though.

my friend and i were creating our own designs for tees that should be reconsidered the other night (aka t-shits) will compile and email soon :)

and did i mention charlie looks better than chocolate tastes!!!