Friday, September 08, 2006

Still Joyful

Hi everyone. Sorry I didn't reply to your emails. And thanks for your posts.
I've been really busy... And really really happy.
It's been the bestest week ever.
It's all about love. It's all about joy. It's all about Charlie.

Each day I've had to leave him in the mornings to go to work... Then have met him for my 2-hour break... Then had to leave him again for my afternoon elementary classes. Each time it kills me. So I dunno how I'll go on Monday when it's goodbye for who knows how long.

Anyways, a list-in-progress ::

  • We went to the DMZ Tuesday, saw North Korea, and lots of Americans;
  • Ate lots of barbequed meat and one little speckled egg;
  • Listened to Paul Simon and my new CDs, the Shins and Mountain Goats;
  • Saw the gorgeous Steph on her birthday and drank tasty white zinfandel;
  • Drank rosemary wine in a huge weird bar called Cafe Orchard Mama;
  • Got offered more work;
  • Thought about the Macedonian flag;
  • How small is Rwanda?
  • I wanna go to those islands above Scandanavia;
  • Stuff, kisses, more stuff, a lot more kisses.

She trails off....


jethan said...

oh the joy of it all. i'm gonna make you love birds a love cd...

mskp said...

thought i saw charlie on his pushie today, even slowed down to say hello, then i remembered.

he's with my baby girl, x.

Bonnie Conquest said...

isn't he ever.

Dave Mack said...


jc said...

so are youse gettin married or what?

Rowena said...

oh, I love love!

Evol Kween said...

You guys look too cute together!

Anonymous said...

So happy it makes me
My angel girl to see
The way u seem to be
So lovely and happy...
Life's just one big Charlie Party.
Love! Ain't it the sun shining through rain drops.
Helena is the food of my soul.
Miss u sweet thing.
I hope this works. xo EJW