Sunday, September 24, 2006

Japan Down!

Walking through the subway Charlie and I saw a poster for a disaster movie - we wondered what it was and looked for some English and were shocked to see the website was ::

I assumed it was some anti-Japanese creation of the Koreans. I shouldn't have. It's a Japanese filum called 'The Sinking of Japan' and the synopsis kinda goes like this: Japan has just received its death sentence. In less than a year, the island nation will sink! Earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions roil the country, leaving millions dead and stranded. Japan’s only hope lies with one plan… and one man!

It opened at number one in the Korean box office and took US$3.2 million here in its first four days. Not bad.

Random word of the day:: onomastics: the study of naming and proper names. I was reading about Korean names and how the popular names change each generation. And I learnt a new word.

Oh yeah. And I went to the Prom party with Ethan last night. This is us all dressed up and excited about going. And this is me today in the gear I was gonna wear to the Prom but just wore today for no reason instead.


jethan said...

as my students all said, "japan down no fun!"

Katie said...

train pic is HOT! i wish i had a prom to go to.

only just realised u have been leaving lil comments on my baby blog, thought i aught to return the luurve.

congrats on the quarter- way mark.

had a dream i ran into josh sharpe last night.

loving the tshits.

mskp said...

HOLY CUTE KIDS, BATMAN! you guys must surely have been homecoming king and queen, no?

i must find out what that actually means...

hey, i was in the city today and feeling a little [baby] blue. so i went to myer and sprayed on some lolita lempicka to remind me of my dollfaced girl. bliss.

jay said...

cute, you look like a little slice of melbourne cool to me. Guess you took it with you.

Bonnie Conquest said...

No fun, eh?

Hi Katie! How excitement... you have a baby blog! Love it. Josh Sharpe, ewwww!

Lolita... ohhh yum-o! Only sexy girls wear that smell...

Thank, Jay. Yeah. I am so cool.

Drop Dead Tref said...

I so wanna watch that film!