Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Cup Runneth Over

It's happening! My brother Jack turns 21 on the day that stops a nation. And so I wanna be there, with him, in Melbourne. And so I will. I've just booked a ticket home for the first week of November - arriving the morning of my Dadda's birthday, in time for the PARTY THAT STOPS A NATION, then leaving the following Saturday.

Things I wanna do:
  • kiss
  • hug
  • drive
  • breathe Eltham air
  • eat scones
  • drink good coffee
  • bask in the sun
  • hold babies
  • buy sexy undies
  • celebrate birthdays
  • go op shopping
  • party like it's 1985
  • just be and talk with my peeps and my fam

Oh my. So excited.


Dave Mack said...


SOUNDS AWESOME, but you forgot one thing.

"hang out with Dave Mack"

unless, I fall under the "peeps" catergory. And if thats the case forget what I just said.

jethan said...

how supercalifragilisticexpialidocious of you! you'll have a jolly holiday.

jay said...

Hey that sounds great, you seem to miss it here soooooo bad. I am sure you will not be short of a good time. Enjoy

Bonnie Conquest said...

Dave, methinks you might become a peep when I meet you on this junket. Ok?

Ethan - YOU have a jolly holiday, too!!

Thanks Jay. Yeah even if I'm happy here, it's still not got the good stuff of home.

kiki said...

did someone say party??

added to dave mack, you also forgot 'hang out with kiki'

i think the eltham air has changed just a little...

i was there yesterday and it seemed... odd

Bonnie Conquest said...

Kiki - you mean cos everyone's a-quiver with the news of my return??

kiki said...

ummm, yeah. that's it

Bonnie Conquest said...

ok, kiki, what was odd about it??

mskp said...

undies, undies, UN-DIES!

[sung to the tune of peaches mango peaches]

Pia said...


Take me with you!

(I've wanted to go since watching "Outback Jack." And yeah, I know how sad that is.)

Take lots of pretty pictures, please.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Pia! It only costs ONE MILLION! Come on dowwwwwwn! Oh, the fun we'd have!

Undies, undies, un-deeeez!

jd said...

what's wrong with undies in Korea?
oh...Who am I kidding!!!

The Girl said...

Aww! Have a fabulous time!!! I bet you can't wait!!

Evol Kween said...

Hope you have a fantasmagorical time when you're here!