Monday, August 18, 2014

High Country

A long anticipated trip to the high country with Miss Milla. It was a 24-hour 'trip' which tested us greatly. Perhaps it's the legendary week 6 bout of crying, perhaps it was the flickering light of the fire and candles, but upon arrival at Mum's house at Tolmie, Milla cried for 3 hours. It was a dismal time, as I was pumping for most of this time, it was cold and not at all relaxing.

Afterwards, around 11pm, we all went to sleep and Milla woke at predictable, reasonable times for her next feeds (3am and 7am). In the morning we took a walk and looked at the creek. I was so curious to know what she was seeing, feeling, hearing. Was it the birds? The creek babbling? The tree tops and cool air? It certainly had a restorative feeling. It was great to be on the road together.

I started reading through the Canon EOS 70D manual, no shots yet, hoping this week I'll have some time.

Down by the creek in the morning sun. 

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