Thursday, August 07, 2014

Five weeks

A wonderful day followed by a grizzly day. Perhaps she's hungry. Back to supplementing. And using the morning to pump. Amazing what difference small bits of information can make - pumping in the morning yields the most, it's a fact. So I can stop wasting time and emotional energy pumping in the evening. Great.
Demonstrating the swaddle + Icelandic blanket, a popular combo. 

From my yellow chair, watching iview, researching the camera purchase, listening to Milla's noises, booking MIFF ticket.

Week five snapshot:
  • Highlight: the view of Milla's eyelashes when in the Ergo
  • Learning: the settling power of swaddle
  • Sleeping: Milla sleeps well and we need to wake her to feed
  • Visit: family dinner at Wattle Glen on Sunday, lovely to have the village meet Milla.
  • Activity: trying to sell Milla on the bouncer.

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