Friday, August 01, 2014

Alert Baby 1

Milla is gorgeous when she sleeps and especially gorgeous during her alert periods. Her expressions and the way she tracks action and responds to us make us smile. Often it starts when her nappy is off and she has a kick and starts happily gazing around.

Alert Baby 1 on the lookout.
We are slowly learning that after a short period of this gorgeousness, she gets weary and then rapidly overtired, bringing down the house. Time, swaddling, more patience and love that we think we have - these are the answers to overtired Milla.

Yesterday she and I took a long walk to pick up crappy quality photos from Officeworks then on to Yarraville. There was gale force winds, lots of sun, and we walked for 4kms. She held onto the brim of her hat the whole way, and snoozed until the last minutes when big trains blasted their horns.

She's bundled somewhere in there. 
I feel I'm coping well with the sleep I get, catching naps here and there. Charlie less so, and being back at work is a challenge for us. Still feeding roughly every 3 hours (3 - 6 - 9 - 12) and as of this week, no more formula as Milla weighed in at 3.56 when we saw the nurse on Tuesday. She possetted in the clinic as we undressed her, pooed on my hand as I carried her nude to the scales, then weed on the scales as she lay there. So I'm sure she would have weighed more as we entered the clinic!

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