Saturday, August 02, 2014

Four weeks

We're still on a three-hour feeding cycle, where lil miss kindly will skip a nighttime feed, and wake up right on the dot for daytime feeds. Fingers crossed. Nipples and boobs sore, supply consistent. No formula since Wednesday.
Arms up!
One month of her life. We feel we know you quite well. Eyelashes that reach to the eyebrows, fat lips, funny hair. You don't mind loud music or wind on your face. Today you reached out to touch Charlie's face. Lots of smiles.

After bath, glistening with coconut oil. Trying to teach  her about kisses.
I'm in the market for a DSLR, my first! And have been researching when I can this week. It's a long while since I really took pride in my photos and this acquisition will hopefully herald a new era. Currently thinking a Canon 70D, not sure what lens. Taking recommendations.

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