Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Best day

Yesterday was The Best Day. Milla was a sweetheart all day long and we were so happy. She napped, fed, smiled and soaked up the view in the sweetest way. And after all was done, she slept the whole night in her crib in the Ballroom, waking just before 5am with a cheerful face. Oh, sweetness.

Yesterday I rode for 30 minutes on the bike at home, with Milla looking and listening on. It felt amazing, the first time I've really exercised and got the buzz for months... Probably since my last run in May. I also played with my camera!

New camera joy. 

Week seven snapshot
Highlight: Riding while Milla looked on happily.
Sleeping: Milla sleeping on her tummy as I anxiously watch on.
Visit: To Tolmie!
Activity: Grunting in response to being kissed!

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