Wednesday, August 13, 2014

6 Weeks

Rediscovering Tumblr, finding photographic inspiration. Camera should arrive from Hong Kong any moment. Will be going to an exhibition opening tomorrow and the Substation Contemporary Art Prize on Friday, so will be freshly inspired, I expect.

Beautiful quilt made for Milla with fabrics from Maningrida. 

Trying to move to four-hourly feeding, and have taken to pumping and occasional formula while my damaged nipples get a break. Milla is still sleeping very well overnight but has had some 'velcro baby' sessions where she grizzles and howls and just wants to be held. 
  • Highlight: weighing in at 3950 on her 6 week anniversary
  • Learning: the physical challenges of breastfeeding
  • Sleeping: in the Ballroom for the first time - crib finally out of our room (only during day, though, so far)
  • Visit: first house party and visit to a Brunswick bar
  • Activity: pumping, wah. 

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