Thursday, October 02, 2014

Life at 3 months

It was a strange morning. Charlie got up early for a spin, I kept sleeping, and when Milla woke around 5:30am, Charlie collected her, changed and played with her before bringing her to me for a feed. She was full of morning smiles and bounce, and my body was ready to feed! But Milla lay back and just smiled and chatted and cooed, not interested to eat. I persisted for a while, then let her chat and play for an hour before putting her back to bed.

Looking at the camera, getting distracted. 
Planning for our trip next week, I've been researching how to fly with babies. It'll be a big day! The flight to Newcastle is 90 minutes, in the middle of the day. I'm hoping I can guard against Milla getting worn out with all the excitement of the new places.

Last night we had our first sit-down restaurant dinner, at the fab Station Hotel. Milla was dressed to the nines and full of cute after I'd given her an epic feed and bottle. She was so so curious, shiny-eyed, looking around. The place was noisy, full of smells and so interesting! After maybe 15 minutes, it was nappy change and cuddle, and then into the Ergo. Charlie walked with her outside, rain hood up to do sensory deprivation, and she fell into a deep sleep in a few minutes. We then ate dinner and it was very easy and she stayed warm and cosy in the Ergo.

I'm reading up on how to work with her now! Wanting to make the most of the development boom. Montessori stuff is so interesting - these posts about three and four month activities especially.

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