Monday, October 20, 2014

Home time

Time to get philosophical. We make the lists of highlights, resolutions for the future and plans for the week ahead.

Our final night was a bummer, but perhaps it was bound to be. We were eaten alive by mozzies at Cape Conran, and had a disappointing trip to Marlo pub.

Milla stuck her feet (and a cheeky hand) into the sand on the beach, and to my amazement, spotted a fast moving bat in the dusky sky.

Very small frame of reference. 
Home felt very alien. The backyard looks lush and green, and the weather is balmy. Milla was very wide-eyed all evening, it was quiet strange watching her arrive back home. She cracked us up by sitting like a tiny adult on my lap. Touching her knee is a new thing, learnt in the bath at Mount Vic.

Sitting on the dock of the bay... 
This coming weekend we'll be in the Grampians, where I found out I was pregnant exactly a year ago. We'll camp for two or three nights, following one of our new rules about not staying just one night when out - too much set up, pack up and not enough fun in between.

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