Monday, October 27, 2014

Grampians Paradise

Three years ago we went as a bunch of friends to camp for a weekend just outside Pomonal, at a campground called Grampians Paradise. Charlie and I were used to backcountry camping and the idea of a place with a shower block and camp kitchen was somewhat foreign.

Major Mitchell at Mount William, 2012.
The date was set to be on the birthday of Charlie and another friend, something to celebrate. A surprise cake was made. The weekend was a success, shared food, great weather, the campground was lovely. So we went back last year, with more friends and visitors, and then this year, with some babies.

View from campground, 2013. 
The pregnancy test that showed positive was taken in that toilet block a year ago, and it was amazing to return with Milla in tow exactly twelve months later.

Camping Milla, under the cake umbrella, 2014. 
The camp kitchen, hot showers and easy access are great, and the dawn chorus, wildlife and views make for an excellent camping weekend. Charlie climbed and rode, I did two road rides, we had a picnic with the crew in Halls Gap, and dinners back at camp.

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