Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Two months

We'll be so sad when she stops doing the tiny 'o' yawns.

Lots more chatter from Milla, it's possible to have a conversation with her for some minutes now. Very cute, intense, cheerful, purposeful talking.

She wore a dress for the first time! Looked very sweet! A change from the usual androgynous outfits that have waitresses asking 'how old is he?'. What difference a nice camera makes...
Cheeky Russian sailor look.
We're getting nervous and trying to get organised for the long-awaited first night in a tent. The focus thus far has been on how to keep Milla warm, how to keep a bottle warm for a night feed, and general stress about what to do if she howls all night.

We have a two week camping adwenture planned for next month - through NSW and ACT, my first visit to Blue Mountains... Very exciting and scary! Milla and I will fly to Newcastle and meet Charlie in Sooty. We'll stay those first days with dear friends in Newcastle, then begin to wind south. We have AirBnB accommodation in Mount Victoria, aside from that, we plan to camp. Charlie will bring bike and bouldering mat. I'll be taking photos, walking, maybe a run?

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Anonymous said...

So Happy To See You And Your Precious Milla. What A Beautiful Baby!

Say Hello To Charlie For Me And Enjoy Your
Visit To Blue Mountains.

Love From Korea!