Friday, September 05, 2014

Spring joy

Beautiful frosty mornings have made way for brilliant almost warm starts. If it wasn't so lovely to nap with Milla between morning feeds, I'd be disappointed that I was missing out. This morning we're doing her 10am feed under the apricot tree, which has just begun littering the yard with tiny petals. This year I might have more time to make apricot jam when the tree goes crazy in December.

Flowers in vases, hung from tree in Seddon. 
I bought a merino gown and pants for Milla as her debut camping outfit and tested them out on her this morning, to check they fit and were comfy for her, not strange when we put them on tomorrow.

The forecast for the weekend is more brilliance, I dream that it might be just warm enough to dip toes in Howqua River.

In the sun yesterday, I fastened this little creature into the Ergo and walked 6kms to Footscray, testing my endurance and finding no lack. For Milla it was a rude shock when I took her out of the carrier at home and she screamed with certain shock.

I've been following the Wonder Weeks and presently Milla is in a leap where she begins to recognise patterns. I noticed her looking at the bunting and prayer flags as never before, smiling when I moved them for her. It's such a delight to watch her develop before my eyes.

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