Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cashmere hat

Milla has been quite the well dressed baby lately, thanks to a bulk lot of very very nice second hand clothes that I bought from a woman off Gumtree. The clothes smell special, of someone else's washing powder. A DKNY cashmere hat suits her just so.

Torpedo baby.
It was a nice experience, buying the clothes. The seller was over by the Newport Lakes, in a beautiful house with gorgeous native trees and grasses in her yard. Her baby is huge, and six months older than Milla. Perfect for us to receive her cast-offs. We discussed how happy we were with the care at the Royal Women's and how amazing our bodies are. So lovely to find good people around.


Melissa Redman said...

She is so so cute I often sneak a catch up look at your blog and it's so nice to follow your progress, glad ur enjoying being a mum, mel

Bonnie Conquest said...

Thanks Melissa! So awesome that you are following along. You know better than most how great a kid Milla has always been, we are so lucky. We think of you often, with gratitude.