Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ten weeks

Ten years ago I wrote a group email with the subject line 'the ten week wonderful'. It detailed my trip to Europe, starting with meeting Jack in the Netherlands, travelling France and Spain with him, then going to London to live, visiting Mum in Turkey and all the adventures in between.

Another ten week wonderful.

Can you spot the baby? 
Last night we fed Milla around 8pm, boob plus bottle, then changed her, read 'Guess How Much I Love You' and put her down at 9:30pm. We woke with Charlie's alarm at 5:30am and went down to wake her up! She weighed in yesterday at 4.46kg so I'm happy that on a reduced amount of feeds, she's getting all she needs.

Trying to do Tummy Time, and read books to her each day. And make sure I exercise. Having the bike is so good.

Just before the tears start.

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