Friday, September 26, 2014

Three months

No longer a newborn, Milla is definitely our baby. She held her bottle last night, taking it from Charlie and feeding herself as we looked on in delight and shock.

Clever kid.
I love that she is so quick to smile. I love the sound of her yawns and sighs. This week she rolled a few times, and during tummy time, when a mirror was put in front of her, she quickly smiled at the 'other' baby.

Rolling for the first time.
We're still sleeping well, I had the longest sleep in a year, from 9:30 through to 5am without waking to Milla crying out, or my imagination. Usually, after a feed around 5am for Milla and peanut butter toast for me, we both go back to bed after Charlie goes to work, and get up a couple of hours later to start the day in earnest.

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