Saturday, January 24, 2015


Milla has been more and more gorgeous this week. Eating well, waking happy, sleeping solidly. I took her to the beach two days in a row and she pretty much hated it. Then yesterday she smacked her forehead and developed a snotty nose. Two firsts. Went to bed ok, usual time, gorgeous baby. Woke 45 minutes later howling. It took me 45 minutes to settle her, during which I found the beginnings of her second tooth poking through. Ah.

Settling. We resolved no breastfeed, that's fine. And better to not pick her up, rather to pat. Last night the snotty nose was rasping and snuffling. I offered cool water and she became even more upset. I picked her up. No respite. I put her down, went back to our bed. Just like that twenty minutes had passed. I went back, took her out of bed and into the cool backyard. She was alert and beautiful. Into Ballroom, refused more sips of water (a first), read her 'Lost and Found'. Back to cot. Howling. Back to my bed. Howling. Forty minutes have passed. Go back, switch light on, pick her up. Cuddles, I count backwards from 100, saying "hey-hey".

Sleep. Seven or so hours later, Charlie's alarm gets him up and making coffee. Milla wakes.

Williamstown Beach at 5pm on a windy Friday.

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