Saturday, January 03, 2015

Milla at Six Months

Milla at six months. Sits up. Waves. Eats three meals a day. Turns pages on books. Laughs at the ceiling, zips and velcro. Sleeps ten hours a night. Is out of her swaddle, in a zipped up cocoon to sleep. Shuffles backwards but doesn't crawl. Has her own chatting language, no common words yet. Can hold her mesh feeder to suck on frozen banana. Loves to sip water and is very cute doing so.

First time in swimmers. New Year's Day. Six months old.
Milla in six months. Has been on a plane. Has been camping six times, to Sheepyard Flat by the Howqua for her first two tent nights, the Blue MountainsHoneysuckle in the ACT, Mt Stirling summit, Cape Conran Banksia Bluff, the Grampians Paradise. Has had holidays in houses in Newcastle, the Blue Mountains, Jindabyne, Tolmie, Sawmill Settlement. Has dipped her feet in the freezing clear water of the Delatite. Has been fed and read to by many friends and family. Has spent whole days with just me, or just Charlie. Has smiled at lots of strangers. Met a few dogs. Went to exhibition openings, pubs and restaurants. Snatched tomato leaves and nectarine branches. Choked on cauliflower. Utterly charms us.

New Year's Eve.
Milla in this six months. Has made us so happy. Has made us work very hard. Has made us smile, a lot, every day. Has made us eat better. Be organised. Cry happy tears.

Happy new year.

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Megan Evans said...

So beautiful. Just as beautiful as you were at that age. I can remember it well. Love to you and Charlie and congrats on such a beautiful and contented baby. xxxxx