Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mount Stirling and a Run

Back to Stirling, camped just below summit this time. We had more than just our little tent. Three big cars and six people! Brilliant sunrise Sunday morning that Milla woke us for.

Summit baby. Milla at six-and-a-half months.
We've said that becoming parents has made us more organised. But Charlie was already a logistics supremo. This time he really outshone. On Friday he drove up to Stirling base by himself, Milla and I stayed home and I got in a few hours of essay work in the even and early morning. Charlie spent Saturday riding the trails at Buller in preparation for March competing. Then grandparents collected girls and we headed to join. Went straight to top of Buller and found Charlie Plus One all sweaty and dusty there.

Good times. We borrowed a Phil & Teds travel cot from a generous Mother's Group mother and squeeeezed it into our tent - just. It would fit fine if the tent was just for Milla. Anyhoo, it's the best we've come up with so I bought one on eBay immediately. It seems so much better than bigger travel cots, more flexible as it can be a totally contained mozzie-proof standalone baby cage.

Tent baby. 
Milla was a total chatterbox all eve Saturday. It was quite cute. On Sunday she said 'blah blah blah' which is Charlie's fault as he says that to her all! the! time! She's been saying 'da da da dadah' a lot too.

High country view from Stirling treeline. 
Back home Sunday night and Monday saw my long-awaited running comeback. Yeah! My last run was in May, two kilometres, down to the water and back. This time I ran one kilometre, felt amazing and am totally psyched.

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