Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New baby

I held a new baby yesterday. Just 30 hours old and so tiny. Perfect and amazing. It feels so different to witness a friend become a mother, now that I am one. My thumper of a daughter looked enormous next to the tiny precious new creature.  

I also realised how unwell I was after giving birth! Seeing my friend sitting up, chipper and happy, taking visitors, texting and posing for photos, I realised she was simply well. Not superwoman, just well. Whereas I was in hospital for four nights and couldn't dream of having visitors. I didn't talk on the phone or leave the room.

I feel like a had a perfect birth, I was happy and felt strong, loved and supported. But losing lots of blood after, and having surgery, really took its toll. I could see it on my friend's face - a complete inversion of mine!

Oh, and here's Thumper, in a party dress, at her Pop's.

Milla at 6 months.