Thursday, January 22, 2015

Routines and meals

Well it must be three weeks of the new routine, one dropped breastfeed and a big move towards food. Yesterday I almost forgot to include a breastfeed at lunch, so I think that will be the next to go. Physically, it's not been too tricky for me to do the 9-hours overnight and then 6-hours from sleepy feed to lunchtime.

Milla suddenly started eating a whole lot more food, I go scrambling in the fridge as she finishes apple porridge, then avocado, then yoghurt. Loves yoghurt. She's now had two Charlie-cooked meals with meat: chicken and peach, lamb and carrot. Meat takes her wayyyy longer to eat, she uses those gums to chew chew chew.

Hot and thirsty work, eating baby bolognese. 
Growing lots of hair. Can recognise me in a photo in the hallway. Pulls back the blanket in the backyard to grab handfuls of grass. Can hold a v-situp for ages. Getting very good at stepping. I'm going to miss the breastfeeding cuddle.

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