Thursday, June 05, 2014

Yellow chair

37 weeks means term.

It's been a lovely first week of leave, and I'm grateful for the timing.

It started with a holiday feel, going to Queenscliffe on Monday to visit Priceless ladies.

On the walk to Point Lonsdale for a milkshake 
I've slept one night through, the others I have woke between 2-4am, bright and awake. I swing my big body up and out to lie on the sofa and 'research' whatever is the distraction of the minute: how to organise baby clothes? Where do co-sleeping babies take their daytime naps?

Yesterday was a Cosmos appointment and I presented our midwife with a birth plan (given as homework last appointment!). We had questions this time, and it felt like a productive session. A condition of Cosmos was agreeing to the 24-hour maximum hospital stay. I wondered what this meant in practice (somewhat from a hospital-bag-packing perspective: how many undies/pjs are required?). Midwife explained there were two check-outs, 11am and 3pm, depending on when you'd given birth. So a quick stay. The key factor was about a successful start to breastfeeding. We also found out the team is qualified to supervise a waterbirth, so that is an option for me.

After the Cosmos appointment, I walked Charlie back to work and then headed slowly up to my gym. I had a session booked with Fil to take me through a personal training session that was intended to refresh my memory of how to put together a weights session for myself. To start with I was tired but it was so good to go through a gentle session (that I can feel today!) and treat my body to some stretching. A good compliment to yoga.

The big news today was I brought home this sweet yellow chair! I saw it out the window as I cruised Brunswick a few weeks ago, and it had waited for me (and attracted a 15% discount in the meantime...).
Window display at Rodwell and Astor in Blyth Street
It's everything I wanted in a 'nursing chair'. Firm, upright, comfortable, roomy, stylish and yellow (or saffron, as they say).

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