Friday, June 20, 2014


Maybe it was after the acupuncture. Maybe it's just time. But it feels like a new phase. Physically and mentally different.

Gifts for her displayed in the ballroom light
It's been a long week. A long few days. At Wednesday's appointment with the Cosmos, I mentioned the little one's movements were not that obvious to me. So we got hooked up to some monitoring and had a scan. The waiting and the consultations and monitoring took the afternoon. Although the upshot was positive, it was a draining process, I was exhausted and emotionally drained.

Then there is some restructure business going on at work, terrible timing. The smart advice is to stay out and think about work sometime on 1 June 2015 when I head back from leave.

I've continued with Evening Primrose oil tablets, three per day. And just started yesterday on Raspberry Leaf tea. Does it make any difference? Would it happen anyway? It feels different now. This morning I had episodes of contractions and movement that lasted minutes and then repeated 1-2 hours later.

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