Thursday, June 12, 2014


Today I wore myself out.

Last night was the 'Meet the Midwife' session at the hospital. Bring a plate and gather with the other women 'due' in your month and chat with the four midwives in our Cosmos team. We were supposed to go last month but the date didn't work so instead we went in with the July crew. That meant I had the most advanced pregnancy. The message was clear: my baby is term, and I should get ready.

The reasoning is sound: I don't want a medical induction, therefore, do all I can to naturally induce labour from this point forward. Fine, but I had some plans for the next two weeks...

On the way home from the hospital we bought Evening Primrose Oil capsules. The other natural induction tips the Cosmos suggested were:

  • Swimming
  • Walking up stairs
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Spicy food and emptying bladder and bowels often
  • Clary Sage inhalation or application to pressure points
  • Acupuncture
  • Not worrying about your due date!

I took the Evening Primrose last night, with my Vegemite sandwich, and slept well, until woken at 4am by what I can now recognise as Braxton Hicks. They came in an episode, lasting until Charlie's alarm went off. It certainly made the birthing seem much closer than it had a day ago. I downloaded a contractions tracker app.

Today, though, I got up and headed into town to rally against the budget. I joined Jack and the tradies on the march and felt glad to be there. Now I need a lie down.

Beat the Budget Rally, Melbourne, 12 June

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