Monday, June 30, 2014

40 plus five equals monitoring

Monitoring looks like this, from my perspective. It takes about 20 minutes (or 30 if they don't seem to need the bed), and may involve sipping of ice water and a midwife poking around the grub's bottom for a reaction. 
Two monitors strapped to belly, one for her heartbeat and one for my contractions. 
Afterwards, reassured, the sun shining, I walked. And walked.

Just what I like to hear. 
I walked down Grattan, feeling great, through Fitzroy, along Smith Street, feeling tired, slowing, chatted with midwife about results, reached the city again and resolved to make it to Mr Close for a hot chocolate. Made it. Then to Evelyn Faye to buy bergamot oil for my labouring but it was out of stock. On to Magnation to get Vanity Fair. Then a train home. A seven kilometre walk.

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