Saturday, June 28, 2014

40 plus dancing

  • Wednesday due date and Thai dinner
  • Thursday pregnancy massage (with thanks to my team for the voucher!) and two km walk to-from massage. 
  • Friday manicure, pedicure and eyelash tint (in case that's what she was waiting for). 
  • Saturday a visit to the nut shop for more supplies (they were shocked-shocked!- to see me again) more Thai

Middle Fish long lunch with chili sauces, weird service and sweet roti dessert. 
Been cooking and making in the kitchen, tried out two recipes for date energy/protein treats for Charlie, had success with a chia and pomegranate pudding (one in the freezer earmarked for hospital bag).

Last night I got worried about her lack of movement. She's never been a kicker; more of a squirmer with occasional hiccups. We monitored, she eventually complied. This afternoon Charlie pulled out his guitar and we were treated to thirty minutes of dancing from the lil grub. It was amazing.

Mountain Goats home concert

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