Tuesday, December 12, 2006

LOHAS and Zeitgeist

PC bangs are the internet cafes of Korea.
They are cheap, hi-tech, dark, smoky, open 24 hours, and full of boys and men. I have a regular, and a backup, in the street behind my house. Tonight I've gone to another one, and it is so different. First of all, the lights are up. That's what caught my eye when I was buying apples from the one-armed man the other day. But, more importantly, it is not called 'kin.com pc' or 'black hole' or anything like that. It's called 'LOHAS: Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability'. Wow. No shit. (Did anyone else not know that LOHAS was a thing? Google it!) LOHAS is still full of men/boys though.

Anyhoo. It's six weeks til I'm home. I've been focussed on finding a replacement for me. Please lemme know if you know anyone who'd be interested in coming to Korea for a year to teach. It ain't that bad a break.

Met a blogger peep on Saturday night. Cool, huh? She was damn cute. Though she did keep me waiting in the cold for a bit... Grr. It's so ace that I met Ethan and her through this geek machine. And in Korea too!

Just rediscovered the best tv show ever made. Had a marathon session watching the sixth and final season of Oz last night. Nearly killed me. Damn it is just so good. So many quotables. So hardcore. So clever.

"Maybe instead of forgive and forget it should be forgive and remember. Remember that you might wake up tomorrow and have to forgive all over again and again and again, the way the heart keeps beating like a drum. Forgive. I can't. You can. Forgive. Forgive. I can't. You can. Forgive."

Reading Richard and Dave's blogs and remembering the horror that was Meredith last year. You win some, you lose some. That was one weekend I coulda done without. Maybe next year I'll go back, work the bar again, but this time, not get sunburnt, not go with a shithead, and look after my KP better.

Thinking about trying to memorise the African capitals. They are my Achilles' heel in the capitals game. I'm thinking 50+ is possible, if other smarties can remember all the USA state capitals. And I already know some, like Ouagadougou for Burkina Faso. But I got all side tracked on the crazy weird history of Liberia. I had no idea. I had no idea it was established to provide a homeland for the free-born or formerly enslaved African Americans... It accounts for their flag and name, eh? Am I a geek?


jethan said...

do you really need to ask THAT question? you are definitely geek chic. thats why i luv you so.

Dave Mack said...

Hey Geek,

whats zeigeist all about exactly, liek what does it mean and stuff?

Dave Mack

kiki said...

Oz is probably the best show going around the idiot box at the moment. there's nothing i love more than tuning in and seeing some ultra violence, drug use, male rape and guys covering themselves with poo and running around

george weah really needs to be liberia's next president

Bonnie Conquest said...

Yo geeks, luv youse all.

Zeitgeist, Mack, means 'spirit of the times' and I use it to mean 'what's going on in my world right now'.

Kiki, Oz rocks. So damn hardcore. There's some nasty rape in the final season - but the worst is the woman officer, when she rapes the guys in solitary... AHHH. Anhyoo.

kiki said...

half of them she doesn't rape but

and seriously, the longer i was in solitary confinement, the hotter she'd get

pia said...

I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting . . . but it was worth it, right?

Thanks for a "proper" night out in Hongdae. We'll have to keep in touch.

taylem said...

Oz is definitely up there. One of the Top 4 all time tv shows, for sure. Nestled in between homicide: life on the street, sopranos, all snuggled up cosy like. But at the same time, totally crushed by The Wire in all its best tv show ever ever ever ever glory! Crack rocks! Baltimore slang! Politics! Red Balls! Treachery! Omar!

Seriously it's really very very very good.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Don't know The Wire... will look for it at the DVD market, sounds like it might be an investment, yeah?

taylem said...

Damn straight! I'd recomend watching it in sequence, start with season 1 - it's an 'each episode is a chapter in an ongoing story' kinda thing. It's a fantastic show and I really can't say enough good things about it. As a man who likes making tenuous sweeping statements, i'd say its probably my favourite thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Hi~ bonnie~^^

I find my photo & young's. kiki;;

well... sometimes i cannot say exactly what i mean, i wish i could express myself better...
haha;; but u understanding my word very well. So thank you ^^

Happy Chrismas~♡♡♡♡