Saturday, December 16, 2006


Me very sick.
I blame the yummy hot chocolate I had on Wednesday night at Ordinary Cafe in Hongdae.
Me nearly dead.

But. Recovery is scheduled for tomorrow.
I watched a DVD this arvo. Flight 93. Yeah. Not sure why it is entertainment.

I'm all about Iceland today. My dear friend JoJoHannahHannah is living there making me very jealous right now. I found a cool website of a dude from Reykjavik, checkit. Also I discovered 'Inupiat', the people and language from wayyy up Alaska way, and in the Bering Straits.

What was I going to say?
Ugh. How about them bushfires?
I'm outta here.


pia said...

Don't tell me the hot chocolate was from that swanky coffeeshop we visited on Saturday!

Ah, well, I would still go there. Hope you get well soon.

Dave Mack said...

its nice how you still consider the hot choc to be yummy. normally you tend to hate the shit that makes you sick.

jay said...

get well. Mmmmm hot chocolate.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Pia, nope, it was from another cute cafe in Hongdae! I know quite a few!
Dave, yeah maybe that means my detective skilz are off-mark and it was actually the beer and wasabi peas I had before?