Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Gorky Park

Gorky Park is so the right book to be reading now. All the snow. Not to mention vodka and intrigue.

I love the opening line::

"All nights should be so dark, all winters so warm, all headlights so dazzling.'

Yesterday while carefully walking over the snow-covered ice, a woman in step with me (as much as one could be) broke rank and started to skate on the ice in her sneakers. It was much quicker but she did get amused looks from the people at the bus stop.

It's only a matter of time until I post saying 'Today I fell on my arse. It hurt.'


M said...

heh heh, I was just going to say - I bet I would fall on my arse if I tried to do that ;)

JiMong said...

First reaction in Korea,

When you fall on ice...Children smiles, man stands right back and go forward promptly, and woman stays for a while cover her face than leave from the scene quickly...While people surrounding might get amused for the moment and eventually wants to believe "it's not gonna happen to me".

Be careful...It's icy out there.

kiki said...

gorky park is such an awesome book BC!
i love it
all his books are awesome. even the movie is awesome (albiet not as good as the book)

once you've read that, check out 'Wolves Eat Dogs'
it's Arkady 20 years on solving another case. fabulous. it's one of the reasons i'm going to Ukraine

jay said...

What a great line... I love it. I must read the book.
I have never seen snow, how exciting, I must do it before I die. (oh thats a bit morbid) I must do it soon.
Hope you are feeling better now.