Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Big, Full, Orange

The moon looks amazing tonight. Big, full, orange. Kinda like the 5 kilos of pumpkin I just got suckered into buying. Can you freeze pumpkin? I can't possibly eat it all.

Still a bit sick, but spirits are good. I got a birthday present today - from a very very sweet woman. It was such an awesome surprise. It's been months since I got any mail.

Sunday I got outta bed and outta my apartment and went to the National Museum with Ethan. There's a big show there with stuff from the Louvre but we didn't see that - we just saw their permanent collection - it woulda been too much to see both in one day. First thing to note about the museum was the sheer size of it. Huge! Makes the Tate Modern look like a playroom. Reminded me of the coolest building I saw in France - La Grande Arche, in La Defence.

I knew I'd tire before seeing all the exhibit, so I asked Ethan if we could start in the part that I thought would be most interesting - the Asian Artifacts section. There was art and stuffs from Indonesia, Central Asia, China, etc. I discovered a passion for celadon pottery. Love the stuff! Check it out.

Headed off to buy DVDs after and I convinced Ethan to eat with me at Lotteria - something I wanted to do just once. Yep. It'll be just once. Gawd I just don't do fast food. I still remember my first trip to McDonald's with horror.

One of the DVDs was 'Perfume' - one of mine (and KP's) favourite books. I had no idea it had been adapted for the screen. Haven't watched it yet.

One of the books my Dadda sent over with Dearest Charlie was the best Australian Essays 2005 - thanks Dad. I read a really beautiful story from it today. Very Australian in all the good ways. It's by Mark Tredennick. Check him out - especially you, JCW, if you haven't already. Here's a poem of his.

Oh, if you wanted to see my *new coat* and *new boots* ::


jethan said...

if you had an oven you could bake a pumpkin pie. just what are you gonna do with all that pumpkin?

Bonnie Conquest said...

Yeahhh I'd love to be able to make pumpkin pie. I was just gonna boil it, make rice porridge, and put chunks in with my rice etc. Mmm delicious.

audrey said...

Have you watched Perfume yet? I love the book as well and I've seen some still shots from the film. Everyone is far too pretty. Grenouille was supposed to be hideous! I hate hollywood.

kiki said...

yo, i've got the raddest pumpkin pie recipe. you want it?

p.s. is it just me guys, or is BC a hotbabe?

p.p.s. now you're on blogger beta, you can probably swith off word verification, FYI. you don't have to, just a suggestion

Bonnie Conquest said...

Kiki - is it no-oven pumpkin pie?

Dave Mack said...

my dad used to work at La Defense. I used to visit him there on winter days just like the ones your experiencing.

kiki said...

sorry, needs an oven...

i'll ask my cousin (an american) if he has one for no oven

hold your breath!