Monday, July 14, 2014


First Ergo outing
Each day and night is different. We had two very broken nights; we had nights with 6-8 hours' sleep each; we had long crying spells; and long sleeps. We parked Milla in her buggy bassinet at night and tried to settle her in the kitchen. Yesterday we planned to move the crib out of our room and set up a nursery for real. We walked to Williamstown as a family and did the shopping; she cried the whole way there and half the way back. Today we did a similar walk, using the Ergobaby carrier for the first time. Quiet and calm. Tomorrow we'll try a car ride.

Her eyelashes seem to grow every day; her face us so expressive; she loves her hands and gestures all the time; her eyes are big, shiny and keen.  

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