Wednesday, July 09, 2014

One week

One week new
Milla has been in this big world with us for a week now. I watched the clock last night, remembering how I felt around 10pm when labour was intense and we met Milla. Happy tears, and I think gratitude was a key emotion.

Milk drunk
She's sleeping in the crib attached to our bed, and last night was my most straightforward night with feeding. I had a little utility pack next to my pillow with my essentials (shields, lansinoh, phone, notebook, pen) so I could set myself up when I heard her wake for milk.

Yesterday Midwife Melissa came for her final visit with us. I came back from my 20 minute walk down to the water and back to find Charlie giving Melissa the update. She weighed Milla and we found that she already is above birthweight, a good sign for our feeding. I had been worried as my nipples were damaged early, my milk was delayed due to complications in hospital, and now I had blocked ducts. But we'd kept feeding and the weight gain meant we were doing well.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessie and Charlie! Milla looks perfect. It's nice to able to read back over your experience of the past few weeks. I'm glad things went as you had hoped, well done! Enjoy the snuggles and each new experience that each day will bring xo

Egle Findlay said...

Hey Jessie,
Congratulations! Well done you and Charlie. I hope Milla grows up to be as smart, funny and gorgeous as her mum. Viso geriausio! Egle x

Bonnie Conquest said...

Thank you both!