Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Routine and Excursion

Another Ergo Photo, this time out at the You Yangs. Charlie went for a ride and we walked for about an hour, I tried to point out some wallabies to Milla but she was fast asleep. Same for the bunjil geoglyph, no interest from lil Miss. It was very warm in the sun and there were tiny birds darting all around. I loved it. Amazing how slow my body feels.

Brief moment of consciousness before falling asleep again (Milla, not me). 
Today we enter day three of a routine! Although Milla still has crying spells and mystifying behaviour, the routine helps me (us) feel a bit more sane. The routine includes supplementing each feed with either formula (once or twice a day) or expressed milk, in a response to the weigh-in on Friday. The routine is for feeds every 3 hours but lil Miss seems happy to skip the 3am feed and sleep through to a reasonable wake-up time around the 6am feed.

She's utterly adorable and her face, expressions and gestures are changing. She looks a lil more like a baby now and has a nice repertoire of smiles and curious faces.

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