Saturday, July 19, 2014

Time of our Lives

Going bush 
Milla and I had our first social outing, to visit in Heidelberg and go for a walk in Banyule Flats. Baby steps towards the great outdoors. She slept while the two Jessies talked about The Time of Our Lives, rock art, breastfeeding, and all things in between. It rained and I pulled the Ergo Baby rain cover over her tiny head.

Yesterday Milla was weighed by the nurse and had lost 64 grams on birth weight, so we need to do even more to fatten her up. It was upsetting as it feels quite exhausting. I'm expressing for top ups, and now we're also topping up with formula once or twice a day. She has no routine though a few times she's had a long sleep through from about 1am to a reasonable get-up time. We're both very tired. From today we're going to attempt a semblance of routine with 3-hourly feeds. We'll see.

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