Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cosmos and Adelaide

Dad asked me who gets to choose his grandfather moniker.

I'm up eating vegemite toast at 5:20, taxi is coming in 20 minutes to convey me to the airport. Perhaps my last plane trip before I become a parent?

Yesterday was our second Cosmos appointment. As we waited to be called, we both weren't sure what the appointment was for. Then I remembered that when you're pregnant, you simply have 'routine' appointments. It went really well. We got called in by a lovely French accent and met another of the 'team' of four midwives who look after me. She was warm and earnest, very intently telling us that babies eat every two hours in their first ten days at home and that it would be impossible to keep usual sleeping pattern and that there's nothing you can do about it as "there is only one master - the baby".

She took my measurements and listened to the heartbeat. Charlie saw the little one punch out, first time.

I asked about supplements and was told I could cease taking any (!). She said it's just a business and that if I eat well I can stop. So I'll just take iron as that's low and low is normal for third trimester.

Overall it was a strangely reassuring visit. Weird when I was already calm. Glad Charlie met one of the midwives.

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