Tuesday, April 15, 2014

30 is a big round number

Ran this fine morning and it felt good. Same pace as a few weeks back.

Still canvassing mothers for their headline advice. Latest: Be flexible, don't invest physically or mentally in things going a particular way.

This is our theme of the week, as we've tried to make some configuration decisions around the house. We settled on building a shed for the camping gear and our archives, which will free up the gear room.

My thinking is to have a nursery corner set up (still not sure if this is in ballroom or gear room) that has the double futon, change table, baby clothes, nappies etc. This would be for day sleeps. Our room would have the crib (attached to our bed) and be the night sleep place.

Thirty weeks tomorrow. And an Easter-Anzac break of ten days starts. Lovely.

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