Thursday, April 03, 2014

28 weeks and feeling chipper

Back from a run. There is more darkness around and it feels like I'm only home when it's night time. Very pleased to wake up on time this morning and lace up my shoes to head off. My runs are down to 2km, really just up to the waterfront and back. A feeling of stretch or ache down my side, and feeling like going to the toilet are the main reasons I'm not going further. My breathing is ok.

Stretch mark aversion is one reason to keep running. They are yet to appear on my rounded belly, but I think my teenage marks from hips and thighs may have increased. Following my Cosmos blood tests, I'm now taking iron and vitamin D supplements in addition to my pregnancy multi. My iron had fallen to low and my D is normal, but apparently I should stay on D anyhow as I'm pregnant. Curious.

Today I'll start interviews for my replacement, just one year after I was interviewed myself for the role. It's a strange process, and one I'm grateful my boss has let me take the lead on. More navel gazing as I figure out what makes someone effective in my role.

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