Monday, April 21, 2014

Cape Conran at Easter

Christmas at Cape Conran has become a tradition of sorts. This past summer we missed out on the ballot and it felt strange to stay home all through Christmas, without the usual packing, cooking and heading off on the long drive.

Easter is a different matter, no ballot, we just reserved a spot. Mum, Jack and us+1. We weren't sure what to expect, without the beach plans, with the possibility of rain... Arrived Good Friday and left Easter Monday. Quite a relaxing few days with reading, snoozing, beach walks, good campfire food and laughter.

Saturday was the Marlo Primary School Fete, our key activity, which yielded jams, baby knits, a few plates and jars of homemade sweets and much entertainment. A hot chocolate as we sheltered in the park and discussed plans for the shed at home.

Marlo Jetty
Sunday we walked along the boardwalk, gazing into rockpools and out to the big breaking waves. Weather was bright, or windy, or grey, and great for walking with no time or purpose. Mum arranged some rocks, Charlie found a beautiful driftwood stick and on the way back there was a kids' sand sculpting competition being judged by a huge rapturous audience.

Conran view
Packing up in the gorgeous morning sunlight, my plan was to visit Salmon Rocks before we left. Mum and Jack had reported wild winds from their visit after the Fete, but it was clear and as I remembered. Charlie explored for bouldering possibilities and we recalled the pleasant visit when Jack fished and we met a cheerful family travelling around the country. We took some profile shots. Ahem.

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