Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Spring Days

I think Milla's been well for... days! And current obsessions are keys and her trike. Warmer weather means playing with buckets of water. And another howling trip to the beach. Why doesn't she like it?

Hated the beach on a warm sunny glorious Sunday. 
Walking, striding, very confident. Face planting in the evening when tired. Put gumboots on her today and her waddle changed. She undid her nappy and thought she was hilarious. She picks up the tiniest thing and hands it to you. Played with cars today for the first time. Winner. The funniest thing is when I drive them off the side of the bluestone step and say 'noooo!' when they crash.

It's all about the bike and the trike. Got the trailer for my bike, a helmet for the monkey, and did two test rides into town. It's such an awesome ride, bike paths all the way. Big ships and lots of anglers at the back of the power station. Everyone in the city points at us.

Watching the traffic. 
The trike I found on the street. It's pink. It's a favourite. We have been doing an evening block, and met some chooks in a front yard.

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