Tuesday, September 01, 2015

14 Months

A stranger gave Milla a paper crane this morning on the train. No words, just the crane.

Using my pedometer as a phone. 
Long day at childcare, very tired kid upon home time and only ate a little dinner. First day of spring and blossoms all through the backyard, clear night but not too chilly at 6pm. Now she's been in bed for an hour but has woken, howling. Maybe another tooth? She was pawing at her throat. Maybe another gastro?

Yesterday we went to the Bowie exhibition, hung out in Fed Square, and in the afternoon, she declined naps and instead walked walked walked independently around the house. She turned corners, turned around, and fell well. It was amazing.

Milla at 14 months walks, eats bircher muesli for breakfast. Still loves being read to, often in a hurry to turn pages. Just started trying to wear things as bracelets, drapes things around her neck as scarves. Can now reach shelves where delicate things are. Still howling and it's nearly 9pm and she's had Nurofen.

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