Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Nectarine and Peter and the Wolf

Giving Milla various bit of fruit to chew on after her daytime meals. She pulverised a slice of nectarine on her tiny hard gums.

Feeding herself. 
After dicey milk supply following Bikram, I started mat pilates nearby, will give that a go. These days I have long productive mornings after Milla goes back to bed, housework, bike ride of 40 minutes, then reading, gardening and after that the day can meander in a number of different ways. Today I found Peter and the Wolf on YouTube and played that to Milla while I read about the rules of war.

If I have nothing booked, I feel at a complete loss. If I have more than two things to do in one day, I get anxious. Weird pace of life.

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