Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Doughnuts and Avocado

Feeding is exciting. Milla's faces and watching her understanding grow. It's really delightful. And I just started to feel nostalgic about breastfeeding. No sooner does it start to feel right, than it's the beginning of the end. It was so hard, miserable, painful and frustrating. So loaded. And now it's warm and easy and lovely.

Feeding herself strawberry. 
Milla is still quite round, with doughnuts threaded up her thighs. But her limbs are getting longer. She feels damn heavy to pick up. I still get asked 'how old is he?' by idiots in the street.

After a feed at the Big Design Market, out the back.
Charlie and I looked through family albums and to our surprise, Milla looks more like me as a babe, but she looks more like Charlie in daily life. It's weird.

Trying avocado for the first time.

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