Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Milla's First Christmas Part 1

Christmas for us is usually a busy day, with a big of angst on my part about who goes where, when. We have three families in Melbourne to spend time with, and somehow we want to be with all of them, all day. This year will be a little different. We will stay home, no driving, no commuting around. A few years ago I caught the train from Richmond out to Eltham on Christmas morning, with summer puddings in my backpack. It was a hot day, empty train. Things change. No more Rodda Parade house and pine needle smell.

The first part of Christmas was putting up the tree and trimming it. Aunty Em helped and our tree was made by the talented Pat who made our bed too. We only had three decorations, ahem, so have received some heritage baubles from both families to add.

Cool tree, weird decorations... 
On Friday we had the second part of Christmas - Freeland Lane family. Uncle gave Milla her first present, and she was so attentive and engaged opening it up.

Oooh a peak inside.
Milla's arrival does change Christmas somewhat: the first of the next generation for our families, the first kid to entertain. I wonder about Santa / Father Christmas and what we'll say to Milla about him.

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