Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lithuanian Hospitality

Something of a cultural weekend. Windy and warm in Melbourne. I watched the first 3 installments of Die Hard, which I'd never seen. Loved them. All ready for number 4 now. Went to St Andrews' Market, bought food, flowers and a 3 dollar red t-shirt. Sunday walked to Camberwell market and scored a waistcoat for a buck. Walked home and felt a bit over it. After some fashion crises Charlie and I got it together to walk to North Melbourne to the Lithuanian Club where we planned to meet my exchange mate and experience some 'culture' in the form of an 'ethnic' celebration.
Unfortunately the dragon ladies at the door shooed us away as we were running late. So we missed our on hearing the 'comb' composition and queuing for pancakes. Instead we sat around the corner and drank and ate... Then headed to a Korean restaurant and ate and drank. K-beer, K-pancakes, K-style seating, K-TV. It was a cultural experience. Bought dessert from the K-konvenience store and walked home.


jethan said...

nice to see you're throwing a bit of culture into your lifestyle. i had k-food the other day,too. go figure.

mskp said...

what was dessert?

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

I'm assuming Lithuanian food is like Polish food. Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes.

As for Korean, went to a Korean restaurant the other week with some friends. Look at the menu, yes vegetarian options. Ordered one, it was brought out and had a forkfull - to find there was beef in it. I quickly spate it out. It will be a while bfore I go Korean again!