Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am not so pure

Back in the nineties I went to a second-rate Big Day Out style concert called 'Alternative Nation'. Lou Reed played and had bottles thrown at him. Ice T and Bodycount played and rocked the bogans. I think I had a dance to Skunkhour. Late in the evening Nine Inch Nails hit the stage and I was so upset. Dad had set a pick-up time for me and my best friend Kelly and it was nearing... We had to leave whilst Trent was still rocking out. Very disappointing.

My friends know I have pretty average taste in music. My CD collection is pretty dismal, with a few points of consistency and a strong soundtracks section, but lots of fairly embarrassing bits, like seven Greenday CDs. So last night I headed to the Metro and saw Nine Inch Nails' final Australian concert of the current tour. I haven't got the new album so I wanted to hear some familiar tunes from With Teeth and the albums I've got. I was satisfied.

Trent looks different to the mid-nineties posters: stocky, older, but full of passion and energy. They played Head Like a Hole - damn, that song is nearly 20 years old! And March of the Pigs, plus my new favourites like You Know What You Are?; The Hand That Feeds; The Line Begins to Blur. No encore. Thrown tambourine. Trent very sweaty.


richardwatts said...

And once again I have completely failed to see NIN live. This means I've missed every single fricken tour they have ever played. *wallows in misery and pain*

mskp said...

you know he cracked it the other night? stormed off stage and ended the show early after someone in the crowd called out during "hurt".

what a wanker.

why didn't he just have that guy thrown out and continue with the show?

wouldn't that have been better than punishing everyone? huh? huh?

M said...

I saw them when they came out last year (err..I think it was last year..might have been 05) and they were great. HLAH totally rocked the house then too.

jethan said...

good to see you cutting loose and attending a show. i miss seeing good live are the fragile pretty hate machine