Sunday, February 11, 2007

Two Weeks of Perfect Hues

Oh my god I never thought it would be so hard to find time to blog.

My working week is so intense. My settling in period is well n truly over. Life storms on.

I am still in the dark about current events. I have no TV, no radio, and read the paper only on the weekends. The internet -pah!- I'm using only briefly at work. Weird changes.

I've been given my targets -targets!- at work and there's a big event I'm planning as well so I know fer sher that the next 6 weeks will be relentless. Verybusy. So forgive me if I'm under the radar or curt if you call during work hours.


jethan said...

no tv, no radio, no internet. do u live in a cave now? princess and i went sightseeing. it was strange to not have you there. i kept looking around for you. miss you. but u know that. smooches.

mskp said...

darlin', i'll be so sad if you stop blogging.

*wrings hands*

Bonnie Conquest said...

I'll be so sad too... I don't wanna. But it's weirdly difficult to get to now. No time.

Katie said...

you will find a way. as if you could NOT blog.

Bonnie without her blog is as krazy as a chicken parma without ham. :)

KorJen said...

You missed heaps of toys. HEAPS!

Relic Touring is not the same without your blistering commentary and charm!!! Boooo.

PS... you should really buy a radio... afterall it is 2007, they aren't as expensive as they used to be in the 1920s. sheesh!